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Dissent and what it causes in a team situation.

Part of the guru grumbles.

Psychologically, this is an incredible problem, and it can create a very 
different attitude among those selected in a team, and the performance of the 
team itself.
There is no "I" in team!

Every team has connected with it a selection procedure. There are many 
factors in selection, and often this onerous job falls on one person with the 
collective opinions of the coaches and statisticians affecting the outcome and 
often the ultimate performance.
As such, the selections just do not depend on current form as the mandate, 
and quite often are not cut and dried.
The mental factors are a very fine line within a team, particularly that of 
shooters, as the sport at high levels is very much dependent on the mental  
capabilities of the participants.

In the recent selections of the Hunter Valley DRA team, it was extremely 
difficult to select a definite five shooter squad, and so based on the very 
recent results it was decided to select a six person squad, one of which was a 
reserve, and make the final decision closer to the match.
There were also some extenuating circumstances that affected the selection 
procedure, one of which was a record score fired by the DRA six member 
Team in the Josephson Match at Hornsby.  It is significant to note that one of 
the shooters was found to have problems with a rear sight, which, also based 
on the results of the past weekend had affected the performance in the 
Josephson Match. This means that the record score could possibly have been 
at least two points higher!

That issue alone was a matter that affected the selection of the DRA team, 
and it obviously was decided to run with the same Team that established a 
very high record in the previous match, and so continue on with the several 
wins in the DRA teams we have enjoyed before.
The dissent over the reserve position caused a major upheaval in the mental 
performance of one member of the team, and probably resulted in the DRA 
team gaining second place.

Perhaps the dissent was justified, but the selector went with the gut feelings 
associated with selections sometimes, and I must add that the shooter with 
the now fixed rear sight problem from the previous team was top score in the 
DRA team performance, but there was another that the dissent severely 
Dissent in any team selection is very difficult to deal with as it also affects the 
selection procedure for the next major team the DRA is connected with.

You must all understand that a Team result is merely the addition of each 
memberís personal results in an aggregate.  This is all.
To be selected as a reserve is no reflection of ability. It is an honour to be 
selected to represent any team, in any capacity, and if it amounts to sitting on 
the bench, it alters nothing.  There is no "I" in "TEAM" is there?


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